Get Your Dream Wedding With The Indian Destination Wedding Planner

Why should you choose an Indian destination wedding planner who could assist you in bringing your wedding dreams to life? Besides the fact that the luxury wedding planners reduce your overall stress during the overall planning phase, Indian wedding planners pay great attention to detail and they will also cover everything for you according to your choice. This in turn makes them highly indispensable during the big wedding planning process in India.

Updated with the latest trends

What is trending in this wedding season? Which are the trending locations which people are looking for celebrating their destination wedding? And what are the trends of wedding decor and design that will create an impact? Indian destination wedding planners make sure that they are having answers to all of your questions and more. All luxury wedding planners keep themselves updated with the latest wedding trends so they could facilitate you with the best ideas.

Multicultural Weddings

Indian destination wedding planners are having abundant experience in planning numerous types of weddings. And a multicultural wedding is not different! You can trust your wedding planners for doing their research about different cultural celebrations. They will also incorporate traditions of both sides in the functions of their wedding.

Unparalleled Cuisine

Each community in India comes with an individualized way of doing celebrating its wedding. And cuisine plays a very crucial role in how each community expresses its customs and traditions. Indian destination wedding planners will pay due attention to including the latest food trends and decor arrangements while planning the cuisine of your wedding.

Best Mehandi Function Ideas To Add Some Extra Fun

Each wedding celebration is beautiful and comes with some unique charm.But,undoubtedly Mehandi is one of the most fun among all of them. Mehandi ceremony leaves the bride to be with a large number of beautiful memories with just family members and close friends around. Fortunately, for this time of the life of a girl to be memorable, she doesn’t have a requirement to spend a big amount from her pocket.

Best Mehandi Function Ideas To Add Some Extra Fun
Best Mehandi Function Ideas To Add Some Extra Fun

For making this event more memorable, you have to plan really cool activities that will involve all your guests and that would make them bond well. We have created a list of Best Mehandi Function Ideas To Add Some Extra Fun and entertainment.You can take a look at these and can select your most preferred idea.

Message Wall

It is a really fun idea that there can be a message wall or wedding advice or wishing tree that your guests can put up for the wedding couple. You can make the design of this wall in the most creative manner where your guests can have fun writing on it or there may be sticking note pads on them. Or if you are not desired others to read this out, you can keep a bowl and you can ask your guests to write chits and put them into it.

Fun Food Stalls

You can plan some fun food stalls that would have live counters, Pani Puri eating competition, customized pizzas, chocolate counter, DIY cupcakes, and many more. You can also arrange stalls for Buddhi Ke Ball, Baraf ka Gola, Kacchi Keri, etc. to make your guests feel nostalgic.

Fun Games

You can create the best memories of your Mehandi party by organizing games as these are another way to keep your guests entertained. Some best options for you are tombola, dumb charades, treasure